Sea pollution washed up on beach

Textile Waste isn’t just in Landfills – How Clothes pollute the Sea

When we think of textile waste we commonly think about landfill waste and how these clothes are going to waste. We’ve written about the problem of landfill waste in the past but like most waste, it’s spilling over into the sea as we run out of areas to pollute with our used waste.

In the below infographic you can get an idea of the scale of how huge the problem is and even then the issue with this infographic, is that it’s already 8 years out of date and if you have seen programs such as Blue Planet 2 you’ll grasp the true problems that relentless waste is causing our planet.

Textile Waste at Sea

Worse yet and more troubling news than the physical size and quantity of the wasted clothing, is the microfibers from the clothes breaking down, polluting our seas and drinking water. All sorts of strange items end up in our seas and rivers and eventually wash back up on our beaches, yet there is a solution and it’s very simple!


Sea pollution washed up on beach


Reduce, reuse and recycle! 

Every single one of us can no longer turn a blind eye to our impact on the environment. With the recent law changes in the United Kingdom, we’re already starting to see changes in attitudes towards reducing our plastic use with the 5p bag charges, customers are more inclined to go with paper bags and avoid taking bags for small purchases. We can’t wait until more laws are enforced to change our attitude towards all waste.

Here at CRI, we recycle textiles, clothes and much more than you’d think. Just check out your nearest recycling bank using our handy recycling bank locator and rest easy knowing that you’re doing your part in preventing sea pollution.

The Community Recycling Initiative is Northern Irelands only not for profit textile recycling company. Our profits go directly back to supporting local charities, community groups and schools. If your organisation is interested in getting a recycling bank at your location for additional fundraising just get in contact with us

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