3 quick and easy ways to De-Clutter Your Children’s Wardrobe

3 quick and easy ways to De-Clutter Your Children’s Wardrobe

Summer is slowly turning into autumn. Cooler evenings and colder starts to the day become the norm and all too soon, we see the leaves drop from the trees.

3 quick and easy ways to De-Clutter Your Children’s Wardrobe

Winter will soon be upon us but there is still some good weather to enjoy in the heel of the summer. And that means you still have time to get household chores done before we hunker down in front of the fire. One fantastic task to get done now is de-cluttering the wardrobes, especially your children’s wardrobes and drawers.

Kids summer clothing that fitted this year will, of course, be far too small next year. Between this year and next, all your children can grow up to 3 inches and that means everything from trousers to skirts will be too short.

How to de-clutter

It could be a simple case of sweeping everything into a clothing recycle bag, finding your nearest clothing bank and popping along to put it in the recycling bin.

But you can get the most out of de-cluttering by;

Creating three piles of clothing – staying, recycling and ‘maybe’

The ‘maybe’ pile of clothing should be the smallest but if you are decluttering with the help of your child, they need to be taught the art and skill of ‘thinning’ out clothing without dumping everything or, worse still, keeping everything.

3 quick and easy ways to de-clutter your children’s Wardrobe

1. Recycling things that don’t fit or won’t fit

Yes, it may be their favourite t-shirt but if it isn’t going to fit, it’s taking up valuable space and no doubt, they will have a new favourite item in the months to come. Anything that doesn’t fit needs to be on the recycle pile. Unless…

2. Hand me downs

Younger siblings will, of course, have clothes of their own, but when it comes to t-shirts and other tops, along with trousers and the like, if the clothes are still in good condition, ‘hand me downs’ are a great way to get more wear out of children’s clothing.

3. Re-use

There can still be a lot of wear and use left in children’s clothes simply because they can outgrow their clothes so quickly. Items that have had a lot of wear tend to end up on the recycling pile.

But if there are some firm favourite amongst them, why not re-use them as…

    • Cushions – great for thicker material, sew the open edges together leaving one open and stuff with fire-safe wadding. Sew up the hole and you have a fantastic cushion for your child’s bed.
    • Doll’s clothing – if your children enjoy playing with dolls, investing in a good doll’s clothing pattern and using some of your children’s outgrown clothes to create new pieces is a lovely way of preserving favourite items.
    • Dress-up clothes – if you have a dress-up box, you can use some of the items to make lovely capes for princes and princess and much, much more!

Recycling clothing that is no longer needed is a great way to ensure that it doesn’t end up on landfill – and you’ll not only get a good feeling that you’re doing something worthwhile but also have a less cluttered home as you go into the cooler seasons.

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